Plastics Industry Emits 1/4 Of Houston Industrial Air Pollution: Report

"The plastics industry is responsible for nearly a fourth of the industrial air pollution in the Houston area, a share that is expected to rise as the number of new plants and expansions doubles in the next few years, a new study found.

The Environmental Integrity Project identified 90 plants that either make plastics or their ingredients in the Houston and Port Arthur area and, using state data, found that in 2017 the plants emitted 55,704 tons of potentially health-damaging air pollutants.

And while information is not available for all proposed projects in the coming years, the study and advocacy group estimate that just a third of them could emit up to 14,000 more tons of air pollutants per year."

Perla Trevizo and Erin Douglas report for the Houston Chronicle September 5, 2019.

Source: Houston Chronicle, 09/06/2019