"New Pipeline Protest Models Itself On Dakota Access Fight"

"A new front has opened in the fight against the developer of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The battleground this time is rural west Texas, where a small, yet intense opposition to building the Trans-Pecos Pipeline has gained force in recent days.

The rugged geography and arid climate around the Texas pipeline is different than the North Dakota landscape where thousands of Native Americans and their allies have camped in the snow and risked arrest to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline. But the protesters are copying the playbook that brought victories to the Standing Rock Sioux and setbacks to developer Energy Transfer Partners.

Many of the protesters in west Texas are also Native American and identify as water protectors or defenders. Small groups have bunkered down at sites like the Two Rivers Camp, near Marfa, and promise an extended resistance through the winter."

Michael McLaughlin reports for the Huffington Post January 12, 2017.

Source: Huffington Post, 01/13/2017