July 1, 2019

DEADLINE: ASU Earth and Space Journalism Fellowship

Arizona State University's Fellowship in Transdisciplinary Science supports a journalist for one month with an $8,000 stipend so that person can be on the frontlines of research to see how scientists grapple with the problems of today’s world and forge new directions in science. Deadline: July 1, 2019.


CEI Uses New White House Rule to Try to Undermine U.S. Climate Policy

"Seizing a new opportunity they believe has been opened up by the White House, hard-line foes of climate action on Monday once again asked the Trump Administration to reverse the landmark Obama-era finding that greenhouse gases are a danger to human health and the environment."

Source: InsideClimate News, 05/14/2019

EPA Leaders Ignored Agency’s Experts in Issuing Asbestos Rule: Memos

"Senior officials at the Environmental Protection Agency disregarded the advice of their own scientists and lawyers in April when the agency issued a rule that restricted but did not ban asbestos, according to two internal memos."

Source: NY Times, 05/09/2019

"Is the EPA Stifling Science on Chemical Toxicity Reports?"

"The Environmental Protection Agency is changing its approach to chemical toxicity oversight, according to a report issued recently by the Government Accountability Office. In the overhaul, the EPA reassigned staff from its Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS)—a program that conducts comprehensive scientific reviews—to duties related to the Toxic Substances Control Act, which has a narrower mandate. The agency has also reduced the number of its ongoing chemical toxcity assessments from 20 to three. Former EPA officials contend the shake-up takes chemical assessments out of the hands of career scientists, potentially to the detriment of public health."

Source: Scientific American, 04/26/2019

"How a New White House Memo Could Undermine Science in U.S. Policy"

"President Donald Trump's administration has launched yet another attempt to control the use of science in federal policymaking—this time with a memorandum to government agencies from the White House budget office."

Source: InsideClimate News, 04/26/2019


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