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"U.S. Army Corps Poised To Recommend Approval Of Alaska's Pebble Mine"

"The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is poised to give its blessing later this week to an Alaska copper and gold mining project the Obama administration tried to block because of concerns it could harm the state’s salmon industry."

Source: Reuters, 07/21/2020

20 States Sue EPA Over Weakened Justification For Power Plant Rule

"A coalition of 20 states, several cities and a county are suing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over a regulation that undermines the justification for certain clean air standards. The states sued over changes to the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) rule, which regulates pollution from power plants."

Source: The Hill, 07/21/2020

Congressional Democrats Demand White House Restore COVID-19 Data To CDC

"Senate and House Democrats sent letters to the White House on Friday, asking the Trump administration to reverse its decision to sidestep the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in collecting critical COVID-19 hospital data."

Source: NPR, 07/21/2020

"Exelon Unit Admits Bribery as Probe Entangles Illinois Speaker"

"Exelon Corp.’s Commonwealth Edison unit is admitting to bribery in a deal that ends a federal lobbying investigation, prompting the governor of Illinois to say the speaker of the state’s House of Representatives may have to step down."

Source: Bloomberg, 07/20/2020

"Democrats Eye Trump’s Game Plan to Reverse Late Rule Changes"

"At the dawn of the Trump era, Republicans in the White House and Congress turned an old law into a potent new weapon. An obscure 1996 statute was harnessed to wipe out 14 Obama-era regulations in 16 weeks, before President Trump set out to enact the most significant deregulatory agenda in the modern presidential era. ... Now Democrats are eager to show that turnabout is fair play ..."

Source: NYTimes, 07/20/2020


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