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EJ Groups Sue EPA over Mercury Air Toxics Rule for Power Plants

"A coalition of more than 20 health, environmental and racial justice organizations are suing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over a finding that undermines the legal justification behind a regulation for the emission of mercury and other toxins from power plants."

Source: The Hill, 06/22/2020

Wheeler in Wisconsin: Putting a Green Veneer on Actions of Trump EPA

"The Trump administration declared a victory over air pollution in Sheboygan, Wisconsin this week—a timely win given recent polls showing that voters view environmental protection to be President Trump's greatest vulnerability." "By redrawing a line on a map to exclude a monitor with higher pollution readings, the administration has given the appearance of reducing pollution in Sheboygan."

Source: InsideClimate News, 06/19/2020

"Climate Change Tied to Pregnancy Risks, Affecting Black Mothers Most"

"Pregnant women exposed to high temperatures or air pollution are more likely to have children who are premature, underweight or stillborn, and African-American mothers and babies are harmed at a much higher rate than the population at large, according to sweeping new research examining  more than 32 million births in the United States."

Source: NYTimes, 06/19/2020

"Millions of Abandoned Oil Wells Are Leaking Methane, A Climate Menace"

"In May 2012, Hanson and Michael Rowe noticed an overpowering smell, like rotten eggs, seeping from an abandoned gas well on their land in Kentucky. The fumes made the retired couple feel nauseous, dizzy, and short of breath."

Source: Reuters, 06/17/2020

"EPA Faces Lawsuit Alleging Failure To Update Flaring Requirements"

"A coalition of environmental groups is taking legal action against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over the agency’s alleged failure to update requirements for an industrial process for burning pollutants."

Source: The Hill, 06/12/2020

Coronavirus Should Sharpen Focus on Another Deadly Respiratory Illness — Legionnaires’ Disease

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, there’s another respiratory disease to worry about. Legionnaires’, which attacks the lungs, is already the deadliest waterborne illness in the United States. And the dangerous bacteria may now be breeding in the plumbing systems of buildings shut down during the outbreak. Contributor Brett Walton asks: Is the nation prepared for a safe reopening?

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Despite Economy, Carbon Dioxide Keeps Piling Up in the Atmosphere

"Levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached their annual peak last month, and once again were the highest in human history. Despite the economic collapse resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to sharp declines in carbon dioxide emissions, the amount of the greenhouse gas has continued to climb."

Source: NYTimes, 06/08/2020


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