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Algae — Society’s Big, Green … and Emerging Menace

It’s poisoning fresh waters across the United States, as well as elsewhere in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Blue-green algae is on the rise, lingering later and later into the year. Our new Issue Backgrounder explains the contributing factors behind the potent toxin’s scourge, its societal and public health ramifications, and the many angles and resources to tell the story.

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"Hurricane Dorian Strengthens To Category 3, Death Toll Climbs To 20"

"FREEPORT, Bahamas — The ground crunched under Greg Alem’s feet on Wednesday as he walked over the ruins of his home, laid waste by Hurricane Dorian. He touched a splintered beam of wood and pointed to the fallen trees, overcome by memories."

Source: AP, 09/05/2019

Hurricane Toolkit: Latest Headlines, TipSheets, Backgrounders & More

To help better cover Hurricane Dorian, SEJournal offers a range of resources. Get the latest hurricane headlines, see our Hurricane Toolbox, a Backgrounder on hurricanes and another on infrastructure, and a range of hurricane TipSheets on getting ready, reporting the numbers, storm surge, flooding and flood insurance, dam failures and toxic floodwaters (plus more). Also, an Inside Story on how an SEJ Award-winner looked ahead at prospects of a perfect storm, and a hurricane-inspired student project.

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Dorian Leaves Terrible Destruction In Bahamas As It Rolls Toward U.S.

"Hurricane Dorian’s fury as it stalled over the northwest Bahamas has left shocking scenes of destruction and fears of a massive loss of life. Authorities said Tuesday that nearly three out of every four homes on Grand Bahama are underwater, and recovery from the catastrophic damage will cost billions of dollars."

Source: Washington Post, 09/04/2019


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